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  Sign Up NOW For NJ CAR's Electric Vehicle Dealer Certification!  


October 22 in Parsippany; October 23 in Mays Landing

Close More EV Sales Faster With Tools Available ONLY To Certified Dealerships

The electric vehicle revolution is underway and neighborhood new car dealers are leading the charge! EV sales accounted for just 1% of the New Jersey new vehicle market in 2018. State and federal mandates require 1 in every 4 vehicles sold will need to be a plug-in electric in the years ahead.

Dealers already offer dozens of EV and other clean car options from 25+ manufacturers and dozens more are coming in the next few years. Automakers will be sending them to dealer lots and showrooms in greater and greater numbers and those dealerships need to prepare for the opportunities available as the EV market grows.

NJ CAR has created a program to help dealers prepare, partnering with Plug-In America and ChargEVC to offer an Electric Vehicle Dealer Certification Program. Sign up NOW for this in-depth sales training  that also provides several exclusive marketing opportunities to help dealers energize their EV sales.

Certified PlugStar dealers receive access to the following exclusive services:

• In-market salesperson certification training (for 2 salespeople per rooftop).
• Reference manual covering EVs and the local EV support ecosystem.
• Customer leads through PlugStar.com and partner sites like MYEV.com.
• Up to two (2) in-dealer trainings per dealership annually.
• Access to online refresher training.
• Printed sales collateral and licensed access to the mobile-friendly web tool that puts up-to-date EV incentives, charging and cost info at the salesperson’s fingertips.
• Local field support providing at least one in-dealer visit per month plus phone/email help line support for sales staff and their customers.
• Access to the Chargeway Beacon, an interactive touchscreen kiosk that helps salespeople answer key EV customer questions and close the sale faster.

Sign up NOW for one of our first two classes- October 22nd at the Hyatt House-Parsippany (299 Smith Road, Parsippany) or October 23rd at Atlantic City Electric (5100 Harding Highway, Mays Landing) at http://pluginamerica.org/plugstar/dealer-registration. 

Learn more about the NJ CAR EV Dealer Certification by watching a 90-second video HERE!   For more information about this valuable training, contact dealers@pluginamerica.org or call 877-EV-HELP-1.


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